Your Windows, Your House

One of the most prominent features of your home is the windows. When they 
are well maintained they have a positive impact on the impression people
(such as potential buyers) will have of your property. The opposite occurs,
of course, when your windows look old and worn.
So does that mean you should replace your windows? 
That depends on a number of factors. Window replacement can be an
expensive renovation. Here are a few things to consider before making your
• Do your windows get frost or condensation build-up on the interior 
side? This could be a sign that the windows are not keeping out the
cold as well as they should.

• Do you see water infiltration or mildew on the interior sides of any of
the window sills? This means that moisture is creeping in from the
outside, and you need to get those windows repaired or replaced as
soon as possible.

• If your windows are double-paned – (two panes of glass) – check for
any signs of moisture in between the glass panes. Moisture indicates
that the thermal seal is broken and at a minimum, the glass will need
to be replaced.

• Take a look at your windows from the outside. Is the trim rotted or
cracked anywhere? Are there dark spots or any signs of rotting on
the wood frames? Repairs or replacement may be required.

• Check the operation of your windows. Do they open and close
easily? This is important because some windows, such as those in
bedrooms, are often designed to be big enough to use as an exit in
case of a fire.

• Finally, are you happy with how your windows look? Do you feel that
your property will look significantly better with new windows?

Although they are expensive, replacing windows has a lot of advantages.
Depending on the efficiency of your current windows, replacing them could
cut your energy costs by 10-20%. In addition, new windows block out more
exterior noise, making your home quieter. Not to mention, buyers will be
ecstatic to see them in great shape.
If you have any questions regarding how to make your home ready for sale,
or any other real estate related questions, feel free to contact me.