Top Ten Buildings with Three Bedroom Condos for Sale

I have been working with a lot of clients who love to live in downtown Vancouver AND need a three bedroom condo. Well, as I mentioned in a previous post, these are very hard to come by and not very common especially in the downtown core. 

So I have compiled a list of top ten buildings with three bedroom apartments available for sale. Please feel free to browse through the available listings on my "Featured Properties".


1. 1199 Marinaside Crescent (Yaletown)
Aquarius I
Built in 1999
38 Floors and 189 Suites

2.1499 W Pender (Coal Harbour)
West Pender Place
Built in 2011
36 Floors and 91 Suites

3.1226 Hamilton (Yaletown)
Greenwich Place
Built in 1998
7 Floors and 20 Suites

4.1067 Marinaside Crescent (Yaletown)
Queywest II
Built in 2001
24 Floors and 132 Suites

5.1201 Marinaside Crescent
The Peninsula
Built in 1997
36 Floors and 146 Suites

6.1211 Melville (Coal Harbour)
The Ritz
Built in 2008
38 Floors and 185 Suites

7.788 Hamilton
TV Towers I
Built in 2009
26 Floors and 225 Suites

8.1239 W Georgia (Coal Harbour)
Built in 1997
36 Floors and 298 Suites

9.1189 Howe
Built in 1999
29 Floors and 238 Suites

10.833 Seymour
Capitol Residences
Built in 2011
43 Floors and 372 Suites