Recently Sold: Three Bedroom Townhouse, 945 Homer St

I recently sold a three bedroom townhouse in downtown Vancouver. My client's lifestyle required him to have a third bedroom for guests or grandparents who would come from out of town for a visit often for an extended period of time.

Given the multicultural nature of Vancouver and the great number of different ethnicities and lifestyles living here for at least the past few decades, I often wonder why developers and investors alike have not felt the need for more three bedroom accommodations in downtown Vancouver. 

It seems that cultures such as Asians, East Indians, Persians, etc, often have an elderly member either living with them or at least staying with them for an extended period of time and these families are regularly and naturally forced out of the downtown core despite their will. 

I even know of very large (and expensive) condominium units in great areas of downtown which are over 3000 square feet and still have only 2 bedrooms??!! What is up with that?