If you are thinking of selling your home, you are probably going through a lot of emotions like anxiety, confustion as well as excitement surrounding the change and the move.

In an attempt to make this easier for you to clear away some of that confusion, I have prepared a step-by-step to do list for you to consider before embarking on this journey called "Selling Your HOME":

1. Determine Why And When You Would Like To Sell.

2. Find A Realtor Who Is Right For You. I'm hoping this is me :)

3. Sign A Listing Agreement With Me.

4. Set Your Price.

5. Find A Lawyer.

6. Prepare Your Home For Viewing.

7. Let Me Market Your Home.

8. Offers! Lets Look At Offers.

9. Close The Deal!

Congratulations!!! You have sold your house! I'm pleased to have been of service.

I can expand on the points above when we meet! I look forward to it.

Please also check out: "Marketing Your Property" page on my website.