Protecting Your Home's Air Quality

Every homeowner should know the importance of protecting the air quality they breathe in their home. So be aware of the sources of risk and measures which can be taken to mediate these risks.

For example, the two most common household air toxins, carbon monoxide and radon, are odourless and colourless and yet can be detected inexpensively.

Carbon monoxide detectors should be active 24/7 in homes which use combustion (gas cooktops, fireplaces, etc) and radon detectors should be installed in any home which the basement is used and the neighbourhood has been identified as a source of radon emissions (which can be found in some natural soil conditions and can seap through the foundation cracks).

Other concerns such as asbestos and ureaformaldehyde insulation can be dealt with through a simple search, detection and removal if advised by an indoor air quality expert. Other toxins such as paints, varnishes and cleaning products should be kept out of the home whenever possible.

The bottom line is that most air quality concerns can be easily dealt with through proactive management, propert ventilation and filtration.


If you need to know more on this subject or would like to find professionals to deal with the air quality of your home, feel free to contact me.