Property Tour: Tips on viewing properties

Ideally, the first property you see when shopping for a new home
will be the one you fall in love with and buy. But let's face it. You'll
probably end up seeing several homes before reaching the
decision to make an offer on one.
When you're viewing homes, you want to make sure that the
experience is enjoyable (rather than stressful) and that you get all
the information you need to make the right decision.
To help you do that, here are a list of items you should consider
taking with you:
 A notepad. Have something with you so you can take
notes, a pad of paper, laptop computer, iPad, even a
voice recorder.
Flashlight. Just in case there is an area in a home that is
not well lit, such as the furnace room.
Water and snacks. If you are viewing more than two
properties, take some healthy refreshments with you,
rather than relying on fast food restaurants. These will
help keep your energy level up. (This is especially
important if you're taking kids with you.)
A plan. Don't just view properties randomly. Work out an
itinerary in advance. This will help you make the most of
your time. This is also what your real estate agent will help you with.