How to Make the Buying Process More Enjoyable, and Get Better Results

I often come across buyers who have looked at so many properties that they have become frustrated and have lost all faith in ever finding anything suitable.

One of the most important steps in purchasing a piece of real estate is to make a wish list. Included in this list, is everything you want and need in your new place. Brainstorm for as long as you can and include everything you can possibly think of.

Each item on this list should have a priority. Try to not have too many items have the same priority. To do this, you need to first write down everything that comes to your mind that will help you make your decision. This can include: price, location, age of the property, interior finishes, amenities, vicinity to public transport, etc. 

You will know the priority of most of the items on this list, however, if you have trouble deciding between two points' priority, assume that everything else is exactly the way you want it to be and compare the two points of confusion with each other, which one would you rather have in your new place? For example, all other items being available, would you more like to have a swimming pool in your building or would you like to be within one block of a grocery store?

When you have this list, be ready to give up at least 2 or 3 items on the list when you are trying to decide what to purchase since like everything else, no one piece of real estate is perfect unless you have an absolutely unlimited budget, time and patience. If you do, chances are you will never buy anything.

Just remember, the goal when buying your own place is to live a happy and comfortable life, if something feels right, go for it. You can always sell and move up in a few years.