Both exciting and nerve-racking, buying your most important asset deserves planning and due diligence.

I have helped many people reach their real estate dreams and I know how frustrating it is to try and find the information you are looking for all in one place. So I have prepared this page for your quick reference and I can expand on everything for you if you have further questions.

Here are the steps you usually need to take to buy a piece of real estate:

1) Determine a list of wants and needs
Make sure you include EVERYTHING you have ever wished for in a home

2) Meet with your favorite real estate agent
I will go over your list with you and provide a reality check on your wish list in connection with current market conditions in your favorite geographical area

3) View properties
Once we agree on geographical areas, wish list and price range among other things, I will book properties for your viewing

4) Shortlist
After we view a few homes you might like two or three homes. We can then view these properties for a second time for a final decision

5) Decision time, a time to OFFER
Once you have chosen your favorite home, I will help prepare and present a sales offer to the seller. Together we will determine the price and conditions under which you wish you purchase your dream home

6) Negotiating Time
This is the most important part of the whole process. Thanks to your trust in me, I will negotiate the best possible deal for you while keeping in mind your interests

7) Due diligence, SUBJECTS
After you and the seller come to a consensus regarding the particulars of the sale, there is usually a period of a few days in which you can conduct research on the particular home you are going to purchase.

At this point in time, the seller is committed to the sale, whereas, you still have those few days to make sure the home you are going to purchase is what it is represented to be

8) Subject Removal
When you are satisfied that your choice is the right one, you will finalize the sale at which point you will be committed to the sale

9) Completion and Possession
Completion is the day in which the money is exchanged between you and the seller and the title of the home is transferred into your name.

Possession is when you get physical possession of your new home, keys in hand. This is the most exciting part of the process for you and I.


As previously mentioend, this process might be emotional. My promise to you is to assist you in every way possible to help with a smooth and enjoyable purchasing experience.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more details about the purchasing process.