Aquarius Buildings Neighbourhood Amenities

The Aquarius family of buildings in Yaletown are located on Davie St. and Marinaside Crescent. right by the Quayside Marina.

In this area of Yaletown, there is no shortage of restaurants, shops and coffee shops. 

Right underneath Aquarius I, 1199 Marinaside, there is a Starbucks, a magazine shop, and Urban Fair. There is also a clinic in the same building.

Underneath Aquarius II, 1111 Marinaside Cr., there is a Bojangles coffee shop, a few restaruants including Provence and Hurricane Grill. There are also other shops such as pet stores in the same area.

If that's not enough, there are a lot of shops and restaurants just a block away from the water and across from the Aquarius complex in the heart of Yaletown. 

Living in this area of Vancouver offers a lot of amenities within walking distance which is why this area is so attractive to buyers and owners alike.