About Sara Fakhari

My name is Sara (sahr-uh). People often ask me whether I changed my name when I moved to Canada. But this is the name I was born with.

I moved to Canada from Tehran, Iran in 1998 to go to school. I love living in Vancouver and find it the most beautiful city out of all the cities I have ever been to in Europe, USA and the Middle East. Although like most other Vancouverites, I wish the rain would fall a little more infrequently (or is it less frequently?)! But then again, can’t complain, the rain is what makes our city so beautiful.

I enjoy skiing and running. But my most favorite activity is lying in the sun on the beach. I love spending time with family and friends and my most enjoyable times are when I’m looking at properties with buyers.

I fell in love with Real Estate development and decided to build houses and thereafter fell in love with real estate sales. This has made me a seasoned real estate investor and knowledgeable about the build of the homes that I sell.


FAVORITE PART OF MY JOB...finding buyers homes they love. 

THE RULE I LIVE BY...Never try to change anyone.

I START EACH DAY WITH…checking my Facebook on my phone. 


ONE THING I WOULD SHOW EVERY CLIENT...that real estate is fun.


WHAT I LOVE TO DO IN MY SPARE TIME…watch real estate reality shows on TV.

EDUCATION...Master's Electrical Engineering from UBC.